Neverwinter Refinements


Refinement (enhancement, improvement) is a process that allows you to upgrade items in Neverwinter to improve the stats of your character. It is an main part of the gameplay, which is needed to improve your Gear score and your character’s stats.

The refinements include:

  • Refinement Points (RP)
  • Enchantments and Marks of Potency
  • Wards
  • The chance of refinement and the amount of tries until it’s complete.

RP are required to enhance the items. The higher the rank of the refined item, the more points you need. Your refinement points are located in your inventory, you can find your balance here. Points can be obtained from the enchantment stones at in-game special events.

Refining is divided into 3 types, specifically:

  • Improvement of enchantments and runestones.
  • Improvement of the artifacts and artifact equipment of your character.
  • Enhancement of some of the unique items obtained from unique events and dungeons.

Enchantments and marks of potency are unique in-game items that allow you to upgrade your equipment depending on its level, on the item level and etc. Each item requires its own enchantments and marks of potency. You can see them on the “Refine” tab, and then look in the menu to see which marks and enchantments you need. Save in mind that the higher the level of item is, the more expensive refinement and the purchase of these marks will cost. You can purchase them at the auction house and from the other players. You can find them in Epic dungeons from standard chests and special campaign chests, also you can participate in different in-game events, where you can acquire additional Consumables.

Wards are a very important item for any refinement, its main purpose is to save your «Consumables» on a failed upgrade attempt. There are 2 types of wards:

  • Preservation Ward, which will protect your refining stones from being lost on a failed attempt.
  • Coalescent Ward, which guarantees a successful upgrade without any risks.

You can obtain these wards from Invocation, and also purchase them at the auction house. Less often you can obtain them from the events, which are related to the item refining.

The chance of refinement depends on the quality of your item/stone. (The higher the gear score and the quality of your stone is, the less chance of improvement). Each item has a 100% chance of refining, it is reached after a certain number of UNSUCCESSFUL attempts and the amount is specific for each item. If you don’t want to risk it, you can always use the Coalescent Ward for a successful refinement.

A few examples:

Blood ruby gives 5,000 Refinement Points.

Another item which gives many refinement points is Jadeit 2500 RP.

Brilliant diamond gives the most – 25000 RP.


If you insert quartermaster, fey blessing or dragon hoard into utility slots it is possible to farm many gemstones and spoils of war / abandoned gear, which also drop many gemstones.

By doing this you can save ad when buying gemstones from the auction house.