Jungles of Chult Campaign Completion

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“Jungles of Chult” is a part of the “Tomb of Annihilation” module released at July 25th, 2017. Campaign is executed in a jungle setting. It looks great and immediately attracts the eye. Story, sadly, leaves much to be desired, but this is not the main thing this location is famous for. A giant beautiful world with variety of animals and quests was liked by the players. Weekly farming system was made very nice and liked by players. The best and the most powerful equipment in this location has attracted many players as well. The Jungles of Chult themselves are divided into “Omu” and “Chult”. The developers did not stint with the number of gifts, items, artifacts for each of these. The “Hunting” system was added in this module made the players farm lots of small components, for which a top item would drop after defeating the Mini bosses (some of which are still popular among players). A new trial and epic dungeon were added as well, which drop lots of items and do not require much effort to complete. Nowadays Chult is pretty popular in Neverwinter. Time required for completing is 4-6 months.