Neverwinter Campaigns


Campaigns – important game locations which the player has to go through to know more about history of Neverwinter, some specific areas and also to find out the chronology of events and who are the main protagonists and antagonists. Completing the campaigns guarantees the player to receive in-game valuables, items, gifts and more.

Currently there are 2 types of campaigns.

Legacy campaigns:

  1. Tyranny of Dragons.
  2. Dread Ring.
  3. Icewind Dale.
  4. Storm King’s Thunder.
  5. The Cloaked Ascendancy.
  6. Jungles of Chult.
  7. The Maze Engine.

Sword Coast Chronicles campaigns:

  1. Descent into Avernus.
  2. «PVP».
  3. Undermountain.
  4. Elemental Evil.
  5. Acquisitions incorporated.
  6. “The Staff of Savras” introductory campaign.