Legendary Adolescent Deepcrow

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The Legendary Adolescent Deepcrow is a rank 4 mount that can be found in the New Opportunities Lockbox.

Binds on Equip (Character)
Combat Power: You harness the power of a Deep Crow releasing a shriek as you strengthen in battle. For 10 seconds, you gain 7.5% Power. Your shriek stuns enemies around you and grants combat advantage against them for 4 seconds. Stun effect last 2 seconds in PvP.
Equip Power: +3,600 Armor Penetration
Speed Power: Increases your movement speed by 140%. You can be dismounted if you suffer 6 hits in 5 seconds, or lose 10% or more of your hitpoints in a single attack.
Enlightened Insignia Slot: No Insignia
Universal Slot: No Insignia
Universal Slot: No Insignia
The deep crow is a… well, monstrosity is the only apt description. This one is young enough to not devour everyone in sight, but still dangerous enough to be terrifying.