Lifedrinker Enchantment, Rank 14

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Lifedrinker enchantment is not available anymore, but you might like it. Your powers will deal additional % of weapon damage as necrotic damage. Your life steal chance is also increased by 3% for 5 seconds whenever you activate a power and its efficiency grows over time. The relevance is low, and the price is above average.

The Lifedrinker Enchantment, Rank 14 is a weapon enchantment.

Item Level: 150

When applied to an item:

Weapon Enhancement Slot: Your At-Will, Encounter and Daily power deal 5% bonus damage as Nectrotic damage. Increase your life steal chance by 5%. When activating your At-Will, Encounter, and Daily powers, you have a 5% chance to double this enchantment’s Lifesteal chance for 10 sec.

This cannot happen more than once every 20 sec.

This enchantment allows you to leech life from your unsuspecting foes.

Enchantment Rank: 14 (maximum)

No Level Requirement