Neverwinter Companions


Companion is a special character that will help you on your journey to the endgame. This NPC is constantly attached to you, that means that your companion will follow, help and accompany you no matter where you are and whether you are in combat or not. In order to activate your companion, you will need to summon him on the battlefield. (To deactivate him, just press again).

There are 2 main types of companionsstrikers (they will deal additional damage without your participation), and augmentation companions (they will grant you additional stats, damage, advantage, buffs while fighting and other, but they don’t deal any damage).

Starting from the striker companions, they aren’t the most common used companion category because the damage they deal isn’t that high, their potential in battle is extremely low or non-existent. There are exceptions with some decent companions that won’t really help you with the damage, but will heal you, cover and protect you from damage or even initiate a fight. These companions are very helpful at early stages of the game since they are accessible for every player. Your first encounter with companions is going to be at Protector’s Enclave, where you will have a choice of your first fighter completely for free. Have to note that they can also be bought with astral diamonds from merchants or at the auction house, also they can be rarely obtained from Epic Dungeons and Trials. (They drop more often than augmented).

The next type of Neverwinter companions is the ones that can buff your stats.

Even though they are not dealing any damage, they have high potential in battle because they can passively give additional stats to your character. (Has to be said that in order to receive the maximum buff, your augment companion has to be level 30). They are necessary for any class, since it  give these massive numbers to your stats and damage.

Stat companions are vastly different from each other and for specific classes, you must choose them very carefully. They are bought with astral diamonds at the auction house or can be obtained from Epic Dungeons and Trials. Their price is much higher than the common companions.

Now we should talk about the quality of companions and what is related to that.

In total there are 5 types of companions.

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Each of these categories define companion’s power and his potential in battle. The higher the quality – the stronger and more powerful your character become. For each of qualities there are level ranges:

  • common 1-20
  • uncommon 1-25
  • rare 1-30
  • epic 1-35
  • legendary 1-40.

To raise the level of your companion you will first need to raise his level up to the cap of the current quality, and then use “Companion Upgrade Tokens” or pay for the upgrade with astral diamonds.

To upgrade you will need:

  • Common: 60 tokens or 100000 diamonds.
  • Uncommon: 80 tokens or 250000 diamonds.
  • Rare: 100 tokens or 500000 diamonds.
  • Epic: 120 tokens or 1000000 diamonds.

Upgrade tokens can be obtained from packs that you can purchase or obtain from dungeons. Also, can be acquired from events in Neverwinter and by completing the quests at Protector’s Enclave, where you are required to complete tasks in legacy campaigns, and tokens can be received from “Neverember’s Recruitment” event.

Companions have slots for equipment that also raise the stats of your character. There are 3 slots in total that unlock with increasing companion level. Equipment can be bought at the auction house (not recommended, the equipment there is outdated), or you can receive it from the “Undermountain” campaign from Stardock or Master Expeditions. The equipment obtained from these sources will have the best stats available at the moment. This ammunition also has 6 slots for runestones that can be inserted to also increase the stats of your character.

Apart from it all there are bonding runestones that are essential for every kind of companions. These stones have one very important effect – they apply a % of your companion’s stats to yourself, therefore it is highly advised to acquire these stones in the first place. Bonding runestones are paired well with buffer companions that have lots of stats, especially power.

The last thing worth mentioning is the 6 slots with passive companion skills. Each of them has certain built-in bonuses that are separated from the stats. When buying a striker or an augmentation companion you automatically get 2 bonuses that can be inserted into the slots. Here is an example: (Deepcrow Hatchling has a +6000 Power bonus on an epic level, you insert this buff into the slot, after which these 6000 will add to your character. The second skill that the companion gives, that you can choose, depending on your stat needs, for example, more accuracy.

Epilogue.. I wanted to say that companions are a really important thing which you should take care of at the very first stage of the game, since the stat growth can impact your gameplay experience in a significant way.