Razorwood (Epic)

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The Razorwood is a striker companion that can be found in the Undying Lockbox.

Item Level: 100
Striker, Rank 1
Binds on Equip

Hit Points: 2,801
Power: 10
Critical Strike: 10
Armor Penetration: 10

Active Bonus:
25% Combat Advantage.
+2.5% Critical Severity.
Applies to you as long as this companion is active.

Blighted Claw
Expert Striker
Master Striker
Wooden Spike

Offense Slot: No Runestone
Offense Slot: No Runestone
Offense Slot: No Runestone

Item Slots: Ring, Ring, Neck

This is but one of the many twig blights originating from the seeds of the Gulthias blight tree. While its origins are steeped in evil, the will of its master always takes precedence.