Neverwinter Equipment


Neverwinter equipment is the main part of the game.
Equip divided at 3 types:

  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Artifacts

Armor is one of the  items that increase your defenses. Armor sets give tons of stats that will help your character to survive in battle, it is especially needed to receiving additional stats from armor to increase your survivability. There are many variations of armor, so let’s get down to them.

Defense slots – each armor (apart from the common and the starter uncommon) has slots for the defense enchantment that can be inserted in the slot to receive bonuses to certain stats. Not every kind of armor has defense slots, for example, head, arms and feet equipment have utility in their slots.

Utility slots are one of the most important parameters that can strengthen you through powerful enchantments. Utility slots are found on head, arms, feet and (artifact cloak and artifact belts ranked to legendary). Slotting utility slots should be your main priority first.

Offense slots are 6 cells (4 from rings, 1 in shirt and another 1 in the belt). These slots are where you put enchantments that are responsible for the offense.

Gauntlets, sabatons and helmets also have slots for runestones that can insignificantly help you in battle.

Now that the slots are dealt with, we should talk about what kind of armor exists and is essential for any Neverwinter player.

Starting with common armor that can be found in the in-game world. You are introduced to armor from the beginning of the game. With the growth of character’s level, the armor’s level and power grows as well. When the character reaches level 60, for the first time the player can receive armor which is fundamentally different from the others.

Seed gathering tasks gives you the first set of armor. It has increased stats and an enchantment in the defense slot. In your next campaigns you are going to receive more and more powerful armor. The best armor right now is obtained from the “Avernus” campaign, by farming Heroic Encounters you can receive currency that can be spent at Juma for a certain chance of receiving armor with a gear score of 1225. It is the most powerful armor for Module 20. Try choosing the armor that will benefit the most from it.

Now moving on to the artifacts that gives not only stats, but also has additional bonuses to your character. It can be acquired starting from level 60. It is very common and getting it won’t be a problem. Artifact equipment stacks with artifacts, without them you won’t be able to get the maximum power. Decent equip be obtained from the “Undermountain” campaign, where you can get some very good armor. Artifact equips can also be received from epic dungeons and trials.

Armor is an extremely important item for any player, because of that any beginner and average player should look out for the best armor possible, since it affects the gameplay by a lot.

Neverwinter Weapons are the main in-game items that are responsible for dealing damage to mobs/other characters.
The whole purpose of the weapon is to deal maximum dps, the damage depends on 3 criteria.

  1. Artifact/standard weapon.
  2. Weapon enchantments (that grant additional damage).
  3. Weapon rarity and stats.

Let’s start off with the rarity:

There are 5 rarities in total, namely

  • common
  • uncommon
  • rare
  • epic
  • legendary

Each of these rarities affects the damage, firstly changing the weapon’s stats, increasing them depending on the level or on the fixed damage that every weapon has. Talking about stats – the main one is power, which is increased depending on the rarity.
Power allows you to deal even more damage + fixed damage.
Armor penetration lets you pierce through the armor of your enemy, thus dealing full fixed damage.
Critical strike chance allows you to double (or even triple) your fixed damage.
Accuracy lets you deal damage without misses and the debuffs affecting you.
Stats that the weapon gives depend on refining points that you will be putting in your artifact weapon, the more you put in, the more stats you will get.

Artifact weapon rarity significantly affects slots for the enchantments that can be unlocked later. In order to unlock all 3 slots, your weapon need to be upgraded to epic quality.

Worth mentioning that the artifact weapons also have one important difference – buff in the left arm slot that strongly boosts your skills and damage.

Enchantments are the second most important parameter that directly affects the weapon, the better and more powerful the enchantments are – the higher their combat effectiveness is. Some of them are capable of increasing your fixed damage dramatically, for example (radiant enchantment, tenebrous enchantment and others).

(In enhancement slotvorpal and bilethorn enchantments).

Now we should sort out what is the difference between standard and artifact weapons and why you should choose only the most powerful weapon, not saving diamonds and time. Standard weapons in-game are presented as weak, since its main goal is to make beginner players feel comfortable at early/middle stages of the game. They doesn’t have high and powerful stats, buffs and often has less slots for enchantments than the artifact weapons.
Unlike the artifact weapons, it is very easy to obtain standard and thus they are very common among beginner and average players. Unfortunately, them have little impact when it comes to serious fights, epic dungeons and new campaigns as well, where high damage is required.

Artifact weapons are presented as the most powerful because it is received from the campaigns or bought with astral diamonds. It is much stronger than the previous one due to buffs that allow to buff your own and your allies’ damage. Also the left arm slot allows you to additionally enhance your skills and fixed damage.

Artifact weapons, as already has been said, can be received from campaigns, epic dungeons and trials, as well as they can be bought at the auction house for astral diamonds. There is a lot of artifact equipment, but unfortunately a large part of it is obsolete or practically useless right now. Currently (in the Module 20) players prefer wepons that are obtained in the Undermountain campaign from the “Master Expedition”. You will also be able to obtain alabaster weapons that still have impact. Has to be said that some decent artifacts can also be acquired from the Protector’s Enclave, where you can trade seals received from epic dungeons (expeditions) and purchase “Mountaineer weapon” that is also considered as good enough.

The best artifices that can be obtained right now are found in epic dungeon called LoMM “Lair of the Mad Mage”, where you can not only receive the old imbalanced equipment with artifacts, but in Module 20 you also have a chance to receive the best in-game weapon right now. Incredibly powerful weapons can be obtained here, but unfortunately the location can be very problematic for an average player. It is worth noting that there are artifact weapons of average level that can be received from older campaigns, but I have to notice that they are much weaker than the new types of weapons in Neverwinter.

That’s why it is one of the most important items in the game that should be taken care of right from the beginning of the game, as well as you should always try to obtain the best possible weapon at the moment, so that you are ready and prepared for any kind of enemy. Choose your weapon wisely. Your best option is to farm campaigns and epic dungeons.