Radiant Enchantment


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Radiant Enchantment, Rank 15  the most useful and popular enchantment in Neverwinter, it give significant bonus to power in offense slot and to health points in  defense sl0t.

Radiant Enchantment Tooltip
Item Level: 120
When applied to an item:
Defense Slot: +9,600 Maximum Hit Points
Offense Slot: +2,400 Power
Utility Slot: +60% Gold Bonus
This enchantment radiates with a pale white glimmer.
Enchantment Rank: 15 (maximum)
No Level Requirement

Low-rank 1-5 enchantments can be purchased within the Sage’s Shop from Bradda the Sage.
You can get Radiant Enchantments from dungeons, Bosses, chests.