Soulforged Enchantment


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Soulforged enchantment is a good enchantment for characters that have lots of damage but are lacking in HP or defense.
If you fall in combat, you will resurrect and heal for 7,500 HP and for 2,250 HP each second for 3 seconds.
Bear in mind that this enchantment has recharge time that depends on its level.
The relevance is high and so is the price.

The Soulforged Enchantment, Rank 14 is an armor enchantment.

Item Level: 97
When applied to an item:
Armor Enhancement Slot: When you fall in combat your Soulforged armor will resurrect you and heal you for 7,500 and 2,250 every second for 3 seconds.
When you are resurrected you do 5,000 damage to any foes nearby and gain a 3 sec CC immunity.
This effect can only trigger once every 75 seconds. Your armor defies even death, preventing all incoming damage for a short time when you are in dire need.
Enchantment Rank: 13 (0/60,000 to next rank)
Guaranteed upgrade: 0/150
No Level Requirement