Tactical Enchantment, Rank 15

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Tactical enchantment is a useful enchantment which gives your character significant increase to incoming healing when slotted into utility slot.
It’s rarely used by players in defense slot, cause it give¬†awareness.
In offense slot it gives combat advantage that is helpful at later stages of the game.
The enchantment has a hefty price because of its incoming healing stat.

The Tactical Enchantment, rank 15 can be used as an offense, defense or utility enchantment.

Item Level: 120

When applied to an item: Defense Slot: +2,400 Awareness

Offense Slot: +2,400 Combat Advantage

Utility Slot: +6% Incoming Healing Wars may be won with strategy, but battles are won with tactics.

Enchantment Rank: 15 (maximum)

No Level Requirement

Low-rank 1-5 Tactical enchantments can be purchased within the Sage’s Shop from Bradda the Sage.