Tenebrous Enchantment


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Tenebrous enchantment is the only truly powerful enchantment from this category. Has a chance to deal a % of your HP in necrotic damage, the damage dealt is equal to the chance percent. The price is average, it is quite good and highly recommended.

The Tenebrous Enchantment, Rank 15 is an offense enchantment.

Item Level: 120

When applied to an item:

Offense Slot: When striking a foe you have a 8% chance to deal 8% of your current Hit Points in Necrotic damage up to a maximum of 24,000.

Additional Tenebrous enchantments will increase the chance of the highest rank enchant to activate, but will not increase the damage done. Maximum chance 30%. Enchantments can be used to enhance armor and weapon statistics. You will receive the bonus that matches with the Enchantment slot color.

Enchantment Rank: 15 (maximum)

No Level Requirement

Tenebrous Enchantment can sometimes be found in lockboxes.
There are currently no Tenebrous Enchantments below rank 7.