Underdark Campaign Completion

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“Underdark” was added in the 8th module of Neverwinter on November 17th, 2015. The area is fundamentally different from the previous ones. There are no enemies, Mantol-Derith is a place with friendly NPCs and lots of quests, and the events themselves take place all around Neverwinter and around Mantol-Derith. The area is distinguished by its colorfulness and terrain. In this module new “small Heroic Encounters” were introduced, they could also be encountered in previous campaigns. In “Underdark” you will have to fight the demons and their offspring. Underdark campaign come with 1 new “Demogorgon” and “Epic Demogorgon”. Their only difference is the difficulty of the trial. At the moment Neverwinter campaign is very simple, which does not require a lot of farming and attention. Depending on the farming quality, “Dark” can be completed in a month.