Vicious Enchantment, Rank 13

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Vicious enchantment is a powerful enchantment for its price. In utility slot grants glory and XP bonus, in defense slot it gives deflection and critical avoidance and in offense slot it grants power and armor penetration. The enchantment is good because of its stats and price that is below average.

The Vicious Enchantment, Rank 13 can be used as an offense, defense or utility enchantment.
Low-rank 1-5 Vicious Enchantments are a reward from Challenge of the Gods events.

Item Level: 106

When applied to an item:

Offense Slot: +1,060 Power

Offense Slot: +1,060 Armor Penetration

Defense Slot: +1,060 Deflection

Defense Slot: +1,060 Critical Avoidance

Utility Slot: +26% Glory Bonus

Utility Slot: +26% XP Bonus

This enchantment pulsates violently and shifts between shades of darkness.

Enchantment Rank: 13 (0/60,000 to next rank)

Guaranteed upgrade: 0/75

No Level Requirement