Wyvern’s Eye Necklace

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The Wyvern’s Eye Necklace is an artifact cloak. Its quality varies from uncommon to legendary with its rank.

A necklace that fails to keep an owner, for rumors are that the wyvern eye set in this necklace is real, and will blink at those near it.

+784 Combined Rating
+37,632 Maximum Hit Points
+1,960 Critical Strike
+1,960 Awareness
+4/5 CON

Utility Slot: Empty
Offense Slot: Empty

Part of set Armaments of the Wyvern (0/3)
Wyvern’s Eye Necklace
Wyvern-Skin Belt
Wyvern-Venom Coated Knives
3 of Set:
Rune of Aggression
When you use a Daily power, create a rune on the ground for 6 sec, empowering any ally who stands upon it with 5,000 Power, 5,000 Armor Penetration, and increases outgoing damage by 5%.
Does not stack with other Runes of Aggression.

Requires Level: 80