Skyforth Sorcerer Boots


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Quality: +20%
Energy Shield: 58
Requires Level 67, 123 Int
+(60-120) to maximum Mana
30% increased Movement Speed
25% chance to gain a Power Charge on Critical Strike
6% reduced Mana Reserved
You have no Life Regeneration
Stun Threshold is based on 500% of your Mana instead of Life
The quick die young, the brilliant go mad,
and the powerful stand alone in a wasteland of their own creation.

Skyforth in poe is an extremely rare and highly valuable for the players item. It is not used in every build, but if it is used then it will be hard to find a replacement for it. Skyforth grants unique stats that cannot be found on any other item, such as reduced mana reserved and that your stun is based on your mp.

Short description
Skyforth is a pair of unique Sorcerer Boots.