The Wise Oak Bismuth Flask


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The Wise Oak Bismuth Flask
Lasts 5.00 Seconds
Consumes 20 of 50 Charges on use
+35% to all Elemental Resistances
Requires Level 8
During Flask Effect, 10% reduced Damage taken of each Element for which your Uncapped Elemental Resistance is lowest
During Flask Effect, Damage Penetrates (10-15)% Resistance of each Element for which your Uncapped Elemental Resistance is highest
The summer sun dries the soil and burns the leaves.
The autumn rain extinguishes the flames.
The spring bloom shades the wet earth.
Nature is an eternal tug of war.
Right click to drink. Can only hold charges while in belt. Refills as you kill monsters.

Purchase costs:
Purchase Costs Normal 1x Orb of Chance

Additional Information:
Item class: Active Skill Gems

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