Tulfall Tornado Wand


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Tulfall Tornado Wand
Quality: +20%
Physical Damage: 30–90
Critical Strike Chance: 7.00%
Attacks per Second: 1.30
Weapon Range: 120
Requires Level 65, 212 Int
(35-39)% increased Spell Damage
(10-15)% increased Cast Speed
50% chance to gain a Power Charge on Killing a Frozen Enemy
Adds 15 to 25 Cold Damage to Spells per Power Charge
Lose all Power Charges on reaching Maximum Power Charges
Gain a Frenzy Charge on reaching Maximum Power Charges
(10-15)% increased Cold Damage per Frenzy Charge
We fracture and splinter.
We pierce our sides.
But in the great freeze we are forged anew.

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Short description
Tulfall is a unique Tornado Wand.

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