Staves are two-handed melee weapons, which have a chance to block attack damage.  Speaking of unique staves, some of the best are:

  1. “Martyr of Innocence” gives a large amount of damage to fire abilities;
  2. “The Whispering Ice” is used in intelligence stack builds and is very effective after the strength stacking nerf.


There are many good poe unique staves, but here are the main ones:

  1. “Tremor Rod” is a great staff for the trapper, who is currently very popular, allows you to increase your overall DPS;
  2. “Sire of Shards” by itself is pretty bad, but by using the Cremation skill it works wonderful and boosts the overall damage to the heavens, and there is no analogues for that. During one league it was the meta (i.e. during the version 3.9), and it still gets some usage. The skill by itself is slow, but powerful.
  3. “Soulwrest” will not let you go higher than the t10 maps, but the clear speed is the fastest in the Path of Exile, without particularly large investments. For a more comfortable play, the “Bubonic Trail” (1 Abyssal Socket) boots are required. With them the minions will live forever, which makes the map farm even faster.
  4. “Disintegrator” with proper investment and build, provides you with the largest damage increase in the Poe, but has its own debuffs, it is extremely uncomfortable and is only used in physical builds, that’s why it’s not very popular overall.
  5. “Pledge of Hands”, once again, a very situational staff, but during one of the leagues it was the meta. If you are using a combination of the Frostbolt and the Ice Nova spells, the effect is going to be rather unusual because of one interesting mechanic. You can take a look here.
  6. “The Grey Spire” is a great decision for RF builds, allowing you to acquire the missing damage and focus on your health pool.
  7. The last one is the “Hegemony’s Era” unique staff, which is the strongest staff for attacking (among all the staves). Besides, it has the highest crit chance, because of which is quite often used in crit builds with two-handed weapons.