El Diablo’s Blast

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El Diablo’s Blast is a Special (SPEC) Weapon.


  • El Diablo’s Blast continuously cycles through four firing patterns while the Fire input is held down, starting the second, third and final firing pattern at specific time offsets relative to the start of the first firing pattern. The initial press of the Fire input always reloads and fires the first firing pattern.
    • The first three firing patterns rapidly fire a single fixed-offset bullet. Later firing patterns shoot bigger bullets.
    • The final firing pattern rapidly shoots five-round bursts over a 20° firing arc.
  • The ammo gauge beneath the player only tracks the status of the first firing pattern.
  • Switching to another weapon while in the middle of firing El Diablo’s Blast, due to the nature of anti-exploit mechanics, forces the player to wait out the SPEC weapon’s normally-trivial cooldown before the new weapon can be fired.
  • Ammo, Cooldown and RoF modifiers can cause El Diablo’s Blast’s firing patterns to overlap.
    • Increasing Ammo and reducing RoF tend to increase overlap of adjacent firing patterns.
    • Reducing Cooldown tends to increase overlap of early firing patterns with late firing patterns of a previous cycle.