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Poseidon is a Special (SPEC) Weapon.


  • Poseidon cycles through three nearly-identical firing patterns while the Fire input is held down, spending 1 second in each pattern before moving on to the next.
    • Once the third firing pattern has finished, the weapon must finish reloading its first pattern before it can start the cycle again.
    • The initial press of the Fire input always reloads all firing patterns and fires the first firing pattern.
  • The ammo gauge beneath the player only tracks the status of the first firing pattern.
  • Switching to another weapon while in the middle of firing Poseidon, due to the nature of anti-exploit mechanics, forces the player to wait out the SPEC weapon’s very long cooldown before the new weapon can be fired.
  • Ammo and RoF modifiers can cause Poseidon’s firing patterns to overlap.
    • Increasing Ammo and reducing RoF tend to increase overlap of adjacent firing patterns.