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Mastery is a type of level achieved by adding new unlockable items to the collection, as well as increasing character level.

There are two types of Mastery Ranks, Trove and Geode Mastery ranks and each item Obtained from their corresponding areas will gain mastery for that location. Different items grant different numbers of Mastery Points with some granting both Trove and Geode Mastery points. 25 points are required to achieve levels 1-5, 50 points are required for levels 6-10, 75 points are required for levels 10-20, 100 points are required for levels 21 through 300, and for levels 301+ the points required is half the next mastery rank (e.g. leveling up to Mastery 302 will require 151 Mastery Points, and leveling to Mastery 304 will require 152 Mastery Points). See the chart below for more details on points required/accumulated for each rank.

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