Trove Items


This category consists of items for which it is difficult to define as separate category. They could be used for crafting or discovering new styles, crafts, mounts, allies, ships, etc.


Mainly these are decorative or insignificant items.


Trove is a sandbox game that is similar to an mmo-rpg, so items are indispensable in this game.

There are some that are easily obtainable, and some that are close to impossible. With wide range of items on our site you can obtain pretty much any resource for crafting, ally, mount or even dragon.

There are not many items in the game, so some resources can appear in many different crafts.

There is an extensive crafting system in Trove, so there are lots of resources that are used for crafting.

Quite often crafting ingredients can be traded with other players and bought / sold on the marketplace (“U” button). Some of the crafting resources will be listed down below.


The main resource that is used is Flux that is required for the majority of crafts and upgrades in the game. Items are obtained from different activities, by mining or dismantling other items.