“Hat, Weapon and Face obtaining by completing lairs in Uber Worlds. It’s the second most important way of increasing your PR after the gem upgrading. The difficulty of dungeon improve the quality of items that you will receive. All kinds of crystal gear also have a specific pd/md stat that determines whether this item suits your class. For instance, the main stat of Shadow Hunter is physical damage(PD), Ice Sage – Magical Damage(MD). Banners was only pvp items, before Delves update. New Banners can be obtained completing Delves dungeons. Standards is used in combination with inert geode from pressurized chests at delves workbench to crafting banners. Ring is getting from Ringcrafting Bench. Crystals in Trove have different stats:

  • Magic Damage / Physical Damage
  • Light
  • Attack Speed
  • Critical Damage
  • Energy Regen
  • Movement Speed
  • Maximum Health

Some crystals have additional stats:

  • Maximum Health %
  • Health Regen
  • Critical Hit
  • Magic Find
  • Jump
  • Stability