Bronzewood Enchantment


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Bronzewood enchantment is a powerful enchantment, but there are better and stronger alternatives.
Your powers deal additional arcane damage as a % of your weapon damage and your marked enemies will take 18% more damage.
Not relevant and the price is high.

The Bronzewood Enchantment, Rank 14 is a weapon enchantment.

Item Level: 150
When applied to an item:
Weapon Enhancement Slot: Your At-Will, Encounter, and Daily powers deal 5% bonus damage as Arcane damage. Targets struck by your encounter powers become marked for 10 seconds. Marked targets will take 10% more damage from you and allies, and marked targets receive -3,000 Deflection. The target can only have a mark applied once every 20 seconds. Your weapon is inlaid with magically enchanted Bronzewood which makes it the perfect weapon for hunting creatures of the Fey.
Enchantment Rank: 14 (maximum)
No Level Requirement