Brutal Enchantment


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Brutal enchantment is a great alternative to the radiant enchantment but is not a replacement.
In utility slot it gives XP bonus.
In offense slotpower and critical strike chance and in defense slotmaximum HP and defense.
This enchantment is very powerful and combines the stats of an azure and radiant enchantment at once.
The price is average, and it is pretty common.

The Brutal Enchantment, Rank 15 can be used as an offense, defense or utility enchantment.

Item Level: 132

When applied to an item:

Defense Slot: +5,280 Maximum Hit Points

Offense Slot: +1,320 Power Offense Slot: +1,320 Critical Strike

Defense Slot: +1,320

Defense Utility Slot: +3.3% Companion Influence

Utility Slot: +33% XP Bonus

This enchantment is cold to the touch, and seems to dim the light around it.

Enchantment Rank: 15 (maximum)

No Level Requirement

Low-rank 1-5 Brutal Enchantments are a reward from Call to Arms skirmish: Battle for the Bridge, Storm the Keep events.