Neverwinter Enchantments


Enchantments are an important part of the game that allows you to raise your stats by inserting these enchantments into the corresponding weapons and armor slots. They are very common in Neverwinter and are inexpensive.

There are 5 categories of enchantments, specifically:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

The categories improve the stats, that you will receive from a slotted enchantment. The higher the stone level is, the more stats you can receive.

Enchantments are not only defense, utility and offense, but also there are certain enchantments that will enhance your armor and weapons.

Enchants are an important aspect of the game, for a relatively low price you can obtain some really good and useful stones that are necessary for any player no matter which level they are.

There are many enchantments that are different from each other and they have a certain popularity among players.
They are divided into single stat, double stat, triple stat and the ones that don’t give any stats but have special bonuses.

In Neverwinter enchantments can be very effective in combat, and these are the ones that every player in game should get in order to do great damage/healing/tanking in battle. Cheap enchantments are only good at early stages of the game, and you should avoid any enchants with bad stats, since their efficiency in battle is close to none or non-existent. You should make a choice based on value for money.